Community Development Manager Pam Townsend provided some interesting insight into the complex issues of maintaining Hermosa’s community operations.
She shared the General Plan with us last Tuesday, explaining that it all starts with a vision, “For a small beach town that doesn’t want to morph into something else, character is key.”
Working with such entities as the Coastal Commission, the Planning Commission and the City Council, Pam’s department says there are three keys to maintaining Hermosa Beach: a vibrant economy, being environ- mentally responsible and a healthy lifestyle.
“We’re aiming for carbon neutrality by 2020. This means efficient water use, investing in green power, retrofitting older buildings to improve energy efficiency and planning for storm events that might cause the sea level to rise.”
Perhaps the most tricky job of all is combating the tension be- tween residents and visitors. Pam says her office is constantly searching for ways to “right size” major events so that the City benefits revenue-wise but not at the expense of resident comfort