Our tall, tan Students of the Month each have varied interests but both are avid readers. Their other common trait: everyone who meets and knows them describes them as “kind.”
That’s an amazing trait among this “wired’ generation. In fact, our Young Man of the Month, Cameron Kelca, a twin, was lauded by his teachers as being “one of the kindest kids in our school.”
Cameron deems Mrs. Avol his favorite teacher, which makes sense since this self-taught cellist, retro video game player loves physics and wishes his math and science classes would last longer!
The MCHS-bound math whiz hasn’t yet thought about college.
Lauren Turner, November’s Young Woman of the Month, has only been in Hermosa since the beginning of 7th grade and has already made a lasting impression on the HVS faculty. Destined to be a volleyball player because of her height, Lauren actually loves swimming — especially in the ocean!
Hailing from Fresno, Lauren says Hermosa is much safer to walk around and enjoys the farmers market. The oldest of four children, Lauren loves language arts and history, with a special interest in HVS’ Writers Work- shops.
This hopefully Stanford- bound dynamo says she’s most proud of her book collection,: “I think of the area where I keep my books as a library, someplace special.”