Posted by Angela Peterson
Our newest members, Jody Leventhal and Fred Rello, promised interesting individual craft talks and didn’t disappoint.  
One a former broadway musical theatre professional- the other a champion BMX athlete individually found creative pathways to the West Coast and subsequently used that energy to become successful business entrepreneurs.  In 2006 Jody launched Starfish, a creative learning studio in Hermosa Beach, a secondary business to the strategic marketing agency she co-owns with husband Neil Leventhal.  They reside in Manhattan Beach with their 2 children.  Fred was born in Paris and is planning a destination wedding in Cabo San Lucas with finance Beth, followed by a honeymoon in Thailand and Bora Bora.  When members asked about Fred's racing years, he chuckled and quipped “And I have many injuries to prove it!”.   Coincidentally only a few months before Fred was introduced to the Hermosa club Jody had traveled abroad bringing home a gift to the club from the Paris Rotary- a wonderful tradition in which visiting Rotarians exchange home club flags.  As we move into the second half of the Rotary year we look forward to great things!