Thanks to the Hermosa Beach Rotary Club (and an excellent painting crew!) the Youth Clubhouse in Valley Park has been freshly painted! Inside and out- looking good!
Rotarians built a community clubhouse that is versatile, open floor plan, simple and easy access to all and since its inception, has been a labor of love.  And it might surprise you to learn that although this is a community building, all costs to maintain this historical building, including installing a new roof has been generously (and quietly) provided by its club members (100% volunteers) for the benefit of the Hermosa Beach residents and its visitors.
We are happy to continue to support multiple youth groups as well as provide an affordable safe space for numerous classes and local events.
If interested in renting, please call 424-338-5577 or Email to:
In the meantime, hats off to the board of directors who approved the expenditures~ and a shout out to the great teamwork on making the repairs and improvements!