Posted by Bob Peterson
For the past fifty years or so at a meeting just before Christmas- our Hermosa Beach Rotary Club has been celebrating "Jim Bell Day" in memory of Colonel Bell from the Redondo Beach Salvation Army.  This year the date is Tuesday, December 10. 2019.
This festive Tuesday meeting is open to guests  as long as we know who is coming in advance.  Entertainment will follow a delicious luncheon at 1 PM.
Luncheon cost is $20
Rotary member Lt. Victoria Mercer will be bringing to the meeting and placing on each table the small S. A. Christmas Kettles so that members and guests may place their fines, contributions or donations in memory of Jim Bell and toward the Salvation Army.
The Freeman Valley Quintet will be playing Christmas music for our enjoyment, a long tradition. They donate their honorariam  to the S.A. as is their tradition also. Other gifts and donations help the local South Bay S. A. with their services for the needy.