The January recipients of the Angela Peterson Student Recognition Award. are almost polar opposites - one a front-and-center musical theater star, the other a silent champion - but both bode well for the future of our country.
Natalie Rebenkofff, whose theater career began with writing dialogue and creating scenes for her Barbie dolls, will probably be Broadway-bound after her stints at MCHS and. . . Carnegie Mellon!
“For Natalie, theater is her soccer. . .her Little League,” remarked her very emotional dad, Matt. “It would be almost impossible to add up the number of hours she’s spent in rehearsal for plays like Funny Girl..”
This 4.0 superstar is also applauded by her teachers as kind and helpful. Break a leg, Natalie!
Also a straight A student, Jack Saldana is fairly new to HB and is a self-professed Lego addict! He is such a devoted math student that he even took math in the summer (bravo, Mrs. Avol).
Jack has been especially helpful in his new community, recently derooting and replanting the steep banks of ice plant near HVS. A Navy brat, Jack is an avid reader, creative writer, trumpet player and team tennis member. Hailing most recently from New Jersey, he’s also a Star Wars devotee and says his favorite TV show is M*A*S*H.
Welcome to SoCal, Jack!