The American Heart Association is not just about 10K walks and informing us about diet control.  The AHA (also affiliated with the American Stroke Association) is a research and science-based organization with 22.5 million volunteers and 1900 divisions dedicated to reducing heart disease, stroke and other cardiovascular diseases in the United States.  Our Tuesday speaker, Angela Nawar, provided us with oodles of facts — and lots of food for thought — when she spoke about Life’s Simple 7 and other important health initiatives.
“For the first time in history, the life expectancy of the next generation is lower than the previous,” Angela noted. “We have ‘super-sized’ kids, women who don’t know the risks and men who ignore them.”
She specifically filled us in on the new Go Red for Women campaign, which bands women together to help combat the disease.
The cornerstone of this movement is the Go Red for Women luncheon, to be held at the MB Marriott in May 2015. There will be speakers and workshops, all promoting healthy lifestyles and benefitting heart health research.
“Both physicians and women themselves remain clueless about female heart attack symptoms,” said Angela. “This May event will include 500 South Bay business and community leaders with one goal: raising funds for research and educational programs for women and women’s heart health.”