Fred Rello, our newest member, promised us lots of surprises during his craft talk and he didn’t disappoint. In fact, the former BMX professional athlete waited until the very end of his Q & A to modestly admit that he’d been the WORLD champion at one time!  While he’s stayed active in the bike business, his new calling is real estate. “I actually visited open houses as a hobby and got really interested!”

Born in Paris, Fred travelled the world during his BMX days, so it’s no wonder that he and his fiancée are planning a destination wedding in Cabo San Lucas November 1, and will honeymoon in Thailand and Bora Bora.  When members asked about his BMX years, he chuckled and described the regimen he followed during his racing career. “And I have many injuries to prove it!” he quipped.

We welcome this dynamo to our club and look forward to learning more about him in the coming months.