Posted by Jennifer Floto

Easy Reader publisher Kevin Cody regaled us with stories from the world of newspaper publishing on Tuesday.Image

First up, he filled us in on his new bosses. As most of us know, on January 21 of this year, Freedom Communications, owner of The Orange County Register and other publications, announced that it had signed a long-term agreement to take over management of the Easy Reader

Cody, who co-founded the paper in 1970 as an all-volunteer organization and has overseen an expansion that now includes three magazines and circulation of 50,000 throughout the Beach Cities, continues in his role as publisher. He also explained that two prominent business moguls are buying up newspapers because advertising can no longer sustain the operations.

He’s optimistic about what he calls “the transition period” in the newspaper world.

“You know, the Internet is popularly viewed as a death knell for newspapers,” Kevin noted. “not at this newspaper. The Internet has liberated us to write, shoot and sell from anywhere there’s Internet access. That has been Easy Reader’s purpose since its days in the locker room of the Riviera Bathhouse. That’s what Easy Reader will continue do, from coffee shops, city halls, parks and homes throughout the Beach Cities.”